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    When Prometheus stole the secret of fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind, he did so because he wanted mankind to thrive!  I came to the United Kingdom as a refugee 25 years ago, with just a suitcase and a half written diary in English . I have made a success of a lot of personal and professional ventures in the past 20 years, and I am now in a position to, and compelled to pass it on, share and nurture others.  It is  an ongoing  challenge for me to  study and learn how successful people are achieving their results - and then share those very tools & techniques in my own life, with my friends and communities- on a grass root level. My ultimate goal is for all of us to be empowered,  grow towards success and personal fulfillment.   -Mani Navasothy.

  • Artist & Illustrator
  • Writer & ePublisher
  • Science Tutor & Employment Trainer
  • Esoteric Teacher
  • Webmaster & Marketer

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Spring Goddess invocation

London Pagan Parade

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Publications by Mani Navasothy 

Cover2- GaianTimes10 Feb2014 - 250Gaian Times Eco-Magazine

Gaian Times is  free online, exploring the magic & science of the Earth, feature articles on sciences, magical, psychological and social trends, environmental news & campaigns and regular columns on astrology, counselling, esoterica, cartoons, poetry and more.   GaianTimes 

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Eclipse Magic Workbook (c) MN2014-smEclipse Magic Workbook ~ by Manivannan Navasothy

For the first time, the subject of magical working using the stellar energies explained and taught to all esoteric practitioners in a book!  there’s plenty of opportunities to work dragon magic, open gateways and portals, or do balancing & cleansing.   Psychic work that works on stellar energies can be life-changing in spectacular ways!

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Astrology for Eclipse Magicians (c) MN2014-smAstrology for Eclipse Magicians ~ by Mani Navasothy.

Introductions to Astrology that new comers can appreciate and understand immediately. It contains topics on how to use various sections of an Ephemeris.      All beginners to Astrology will benefit from the easy to follow explanations to planets, zodiac signs, natal chart, aspects, moon-signs, rising signs and more. Contains brilliant colour illustrations and graphics.

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Coven Guide to becoming an initiated Witch (c) MN2014-smCoven Guide: Become an Initiated Witch ~ By Mani Navasothy

This book addresses the full journey- from deciding to seek initiation in Wicca, basic knowledge of Wicca & Coven life, essential preparations of magic - to going to the right places, making the correct contacts and communication and the slow evolution of trust-building with a Seeker's `world be initiator' (coven leaders). Contains etiquette and protocols  to follow - before, during and after the Initiation!

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Halloween Guide for Pagans Parents Teachers & Journalists (c) MN2014-smHallowe’en Guide for Pagans, Parents, Teachers & Journalists ~ by Mani Navasothy.

This Guide sets the records straight on Halloween, giving adequate details, history, related concerns, background to Wicca & Witchcraft and even some of the popular symbols of paganism. Pagans, Parents, Teachers & all types of Journalists will find this short Guide to be an invaluable first port of call.

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Yule Rites (c) MN2014-smYule Rites ~ by Mani Navasothy

The symbols, ceremonies and traditions of Winter Solstice rituals, Sun Gods from around the world, Sun-Earth cycles,  myths of the Solar rebirth, battle of the Holly & Oak kings, as well as the significance of Yule log and Mistletoe are all explained with photos.  Introduction to Sun-worship by  Hindus, Egyptians, Romans and South Americas are given as well as origins of Christmas, Santa, and the Satanising of old pagan Gods. Includes 3 full Yule/Winter Rituals.

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Elephantom Origins - Birth of an Eco-Hero - by Mani_NavasothyElephantom Origins: Birth of an Eco-Hero  

Adventures of Elephantom are stories for children, full of fun & adventure, but also teaching them eco-awareness in a gentle way. And this one takes the readers through themes such as spirituality, death of a family group, healing, learning, duty to ancestors and personal transformation. .

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E-Courses by Mani

e-Witch Course 2012e-Witch Apprentice Course    This apprentice style course is a step-by-step guide, that takes newcomers to Witchcraft & Wicca, from beginner level to fully self-sufficient confident magical practitioner - in 9 modules! Start when you like - Do all 9 in order (apprentice ’  ) - or pick & mix the ones you like to do.

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